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Too much surface tension

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Bubbles that rise to the surface don't pop. They just kind of sit there. It's a fairly new tank and just finished cycling. The filter is running fine and I do two 20% water changes weekly. It seems to have this problem whether I lower the water level so the filter "splashes" or raise it high so it ripples the surface.

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Its surface film and not really anything to worry about. You want your surface to shimmer across the whole tank, this will stop buildup and give ample aeration.
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if the bubbles arne't popping. there is a severe surface film, or water quality is very bad

try doing 2 50% water changes or one big 80% and see what happens.. its cheap. require litle work and if it is water quality, will tell u very quickly that, that is indeed the problem
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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