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Too much light?

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Hi, rather new to this.
In my 10 g tank with CO2,
and Marineland 18" LED plant light.
My hemianthus HC and Pogostemons have
Grown well,but recently there is a
Yellowing area down the center of the tank,
Looks rather burned out. Is it too much light,
or insufficient nutrients? About 65 days on tank,
Fixture sits about 1" above surface,10 hr light cycle.
Fertilize lightly seachem micro and PK.


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From the Marineland manual, it's shows a PAR
Value of [email protected] a 12" distance,same as in my
setup, my ground cover HC grows well up against
The front glass,but is yellowing towards the center.
I also am starting to have thread algae problems in
that area.I'm going to back the fixture off 2", and see if it helps.

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The substrate is Carib Floramax and a little bit of laterite
on bottom.I was kinda following the startup procedure
outlined in the Tropica app. Just started with
full dosing ferts yesterday, they had recommended
only using 1/2 dose micro and K,and no N or P until now.
Thanks,will see where it goes.
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