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It's not too much light for a 55 gallon, if they wanted to go high tech it would probably be in the lower range of the high light or the higher end of medium light. But I do agree without co2 this is overkill.

The hair algae is probably due to too much light and fertilizers, or bio load in the tank, but hair algae can also happen in situations where the temperature has dropped to a point that your biological bacteria filter has shut down. Hair algae in essence is natures filter, it grows in situations of excess nutrients in the water and helps boost o2 in the water as well as clean it of toxins.

There are several methods used to remove hair algae, from what I have read in the past simply adding salt and increasing the temperature of the water to 80 degrees and manually removing the majority of it should help get rid of it. The salt and temperature will help limit new growth, as well as damage existing growth.

As posed above for a 55 gallon tank a not al dose of excel would be roughly 25ml and a double dose of course would be 50ml.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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