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too much light?

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Well after my ODNO light died on me using cheap light timer, I bit the bullet and upgraded. Was looking for a entire fixture rather then DIY again, picked up a Coralife 24" 2x65watt CF with (2) 6700 bulbs and adjustable mounts. Was gonna order online for $150 + 14 for the brackets, but went to the LFS and checked out what they had. Same unit but $120 and only 10 bucks for the brackets I wanted. SCORE but is that TOO much light? I have a 26g bowfront, 18" tall so 5wpg. The lighting unit has two switches so I can run ont 65watts if needed. I just hooked up my DIY CO2 as well.

I ordered about $70 worth of plants from Aquaspotworld few weeks ago and still waiting for them. I have the list of what I ordered at work. So that was one of the main reasons to get good lighting.
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Run just the one light and make sure you are on top of the diy co2 and ferts. After you upgrade to pressurized which will be more stable/consistent run both on a "noon burst" schedule.

I am running 2x96w on my 30g and as long as the co2 is running and ferts are on schedule I have zero algae problems and the plants look amazing!
the plants I have coming are

Alternanthera reinekii
Green Fox Tail
Red Fox Tail
Hemianthus callitrichoides
Ludwigia Palustris
Riccia Fluitans
Rotala macrandra
Rotala rotundifolia
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