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I've got a 210 and I wasn't planning on using it for plants, but now I've got some java and anubias and would like to keep them alive. I've got a current usa 6' with 3x250 mh and 8 t5s. Right now I'm running the mh because they are 10k and the t5s are blue. (I got a good deal on the light and didn't realize it was going to be like another sun in my living room)

Anyway, I was going to just buy some new 6500 t5 and run those instead of the mh. That will put me at about 320w but the fixture is hanging about 18" above the tank and I've got glass tops, so I know I'm losing some there. I can lower the fixture if need be, but I'm wondering if that is my best option?

Please go easy on me and any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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