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I was keeping some stem plants in a 5.5 gallon with a 15w 18" t8 GE 'plant and aquarium' light which was 3500k. The plants did OK without much in the way of fertilization. The substrate has always been eco-complete.

Today, I put some rock and fake wood in there and arranged the plants. I also 'upgraded' to one of those clip-on droplights with a metal round hood. I hung that above the tank with an 18w CFL bulb (spiral type) that's a 5000k (it says it is the equivalent to an '80' watt incandescent).

Is this too much light for this tank? I plan to dose excel but no Co2 and I have all of the ferts from my main tank to use if I need them. I have some stem plants and some cryptosomethings in there. I know there is wisteria, camboba and a couple of other types, rotala maybe. I'll try to post a pic when I get my phone back from the office (which I just realized I left it there).

Should I maybe raise the height of light to reduce the intensity on the plants, if so, could I even go like 2 feet? I may want to try to put some lucky bamboo in the filter box, maybe I could use the light for the bamboo as well? Get a different bulb? which one?

Thanks in advance for any help!


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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