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Been reading too many posts and forums very late into night, I find myself with a few things -- First let me describe the substrate in my 150 gal tall non-CO2 tank. Lighting is from a double bright reef 300 W LED strip.

From bottom to top:
1. Laterite - 144 oz
2. Azolite - 5 lb
3. Small fired clay balls - 2 lb
4. Eco-complete - 10 bags

Hardscape is going to consist of mostly different driftwoods (mopani, malaysian, manzanita).

If I find that the substrate is not tall enough, I am planning to add another 2 inches of Black Diamond (iron slag) (100 lb bag, $15 locally)

Am I risking overdosing the plants with iron? I am still picking out plants (easy to care for, cheap), but do I need root tabs (DIY osmocote capsules)? TIA
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