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Too much flow for betta?

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Towards the front the flow is the heaviest obviously, instead of using sponge I made holes in the output. Thoughts on whether I should take it down another notch?

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Btw I stirred things up to make the flow visible. Having trouble balancing flow with cleaning power. Maybe the spec just isn't a good betta tank

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Hard to say. I bet a plakat would be really happy and active in there, but I would avoid anything with full, heavy fins.
honestly it really depends on the Betta... I've had some that like playing in the flow and I've had some that hate and type of flow...I actually had one guy in particular that is there was any flow whatsoever he would flatten himself on the opposite side of the flow and refuse to move.

So if you definitely want a betta in there it's better to get one and adjust to that particular betta accordingly :)

or you could go with a female or plakat - shorter fins so less resistance.

Much luck! Post pics of your guy once you get him!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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