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Although co2 poisoning seems to be apparent cause of your pleco death, like some others already mentioned, any pleco won't be suitable for a 4 gal tank. Although they don't require much space to swim, they produce huge amount of waste (which can easily fowl the water) and are sensitive to water quality. From my experience, only slight increase in nitrite almost killed mine when I had a minicycle. You need a much bigger tank with a good filtration to keep a pleco healthy.

I don't think your betta is lonely in that size of tank. You can probably add a snail and some shrimps (although bettas tend to harass shrimps). Maybe an otto? I have never kept one, so I am not sure though.

For your plant, I am not sure what lighting (incandescent/fluorescent/LED) and how many wattage you have, you need a good amount of lighting first before you think about co2, and unless you go high-tech, flourish excel should be enough for a 4 gal tank.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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