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TOO much CO2 = water cloudy??

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just got my 75 gallon running with tons of gorgeous plants. I'll have a journal up for you guys soon, i promise!

i do not have a bubble counter or drop checker as off yet, but instead of letting my plants melt i have decided to inject CO2 and add ferts (EI method, following closely) until those items come in the mail. I am injecting into a diffuser/reactor mounted on the output of my eheim canister filter. i am definitely seeing a fine spray of very small bubbles coming out of my outlet in the tank, but nothing that seemed too absurd. all bubbles less than .5 mm. I assumed this was normal considering my subpar (IMHO) diffusion method. ever since i started injecting, the tank has become VERY cloudy. granted this is a new tank and it hasn't truly cycled yet, it could just be bacterial bloom.

I also have two guppies in the tank to help the tank cycle. One of the guppies died after the second day of CO2, and the other one, quite honestly, is looking pretty crap.

i checked my ph, and to my amazment this was the outcome: tap ph = 7.8, tank ph = <6.0!!!! this is what led me to believe my co2 levels were sky high!! i have since dialed down the needle valve.

good news: plants are already pearling after 4 days in the tank, and growing new off-shoots!

so... is CO2 creating my milky water? is my ph swing normal, or more intune with CO2 overdose? lol. my co2 tank went from 1100 psi to 950 psi in 3 days... i think i am starting to answer my own question here. any input?
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CO2 is invisible. Tons of tiny microbubbles are definately noticeable, but it doesn't look the same as garden variety coludy water.
i figured CO2 dissolved in water was invisible, but i am noticing that my microscopic bubbles never dissappear... they float all the way to the surface even after a minute dwell time in the tank... am i fully saturated lol?

EDIT: the water is white cloudy, not green or brown
Lol yeast!? I am using pressurized co2 and I don't fertilize with yeast
Final verdict is that extreme excess of co2 does not cause clouding?
granted this is a new tank and it hasn't truly cycled yet, it could just be bacterial bloom.
^ this.
I would also say a bacterial bloom, perhaps due to the cycling of your aquarium. How heavily planted is your 75g aquarium?

As for your large pH jump, it is difficult to say whether this correlates with a large increase in CO2 concentration, unless you are using a drop checker with a 4 dkH (or otherwise known dkH) reference solution.

Finally, going from 1100 PSI to 950 PSI in 3 days likely indicates you have a leak somewhere along the line.
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