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Too early to add RCS?

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My shipment of shrimp is coming in a bit earlier than I had expected. I was using the dry method of starting my shrimp tank, but I had to flood it last night. The tank has been cycling for 3 1/2 weeks. I tested my water this morning and I'm reading 0.1 ammonia. Will the shrimp be okay? I do have a main tank, but it would be a pain to try to get them back out of it. If it comes to it, I do have a new 5 gallon paint strainer. I figured that I could just put the shrimp in the paint strainer and keep them in my main tank until the shrimp tank is ready. I don't want to stress them out though and that seems like it would be stressful to them.
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Just acclimate them for 30 minutes before you put them in. They've been sitting in a bag for several days with probably higher ammonia level than yours so the only problem is probably the ph difference. It'll be ok
nice. i was all worried.

I had a similar experience, and my 30g tank was around 2 months cycling. As suggested SLOWLY acclimitize them. I feed mine some HBC Crab & Lobster Bites, which they seem to enjoy.

For some reason my female died shortly after giving birth, don't know why - old age maybe ?

Anyway they seem quite busy all the time picking algae off everything.

The one problem I forgot to factor in when keeping shrimp is:
tank cleaning, when you have such small - tiny fry. very nerve racking and tedious.

If you are lucky you will have several females to every male.

Also suggest buying a new breeding stock from another supplier as to introduce NEW gene pool.

Otherwise my first batch is doing well, and are quite interesting.

The one thing i noticed odd is after several minutes looking for "new arrivals" and only seeing very tiny shrimp, then one day I would discover a 1/4 incher.. I don't know where they hide as they seem to appear out of no where. I also notice the fry tend to hide in the corners, then one day as they gain size they try to "run with the big boys".
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Cherry shrimp are very hardy. Sometimes I will put a few shrimp in a new uncycled tank with brand new water and theyll still be ok.
Last year remember the temperature around Christmas?

Well I had a package get delayed in the crazy Christmas shipping and expected them all to be dead.

Every single of the 30-40 shrimp was alive and there was ice in the bag.

A few a little blue, but that was mostly temporary.

So You should be fine.


PS. That was not intended and I would not recommend it to anyone since the incident but it worked out fine.
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Careful of Ammonia and nitrites. They can be trouble. Try using some Prime in the tank to get rid of it all before you introduce your shrimp. they may be fine as stated above, but why take the risk?

The shrimp didn't come in last night. Thank god because I tested the water again this morning and the ammonia is reading .5. Clearly not ready for shrimp. I'm just going to put them in my main tank inside a net so I can easily remove them when the shrimp tank is ready. Hopefully they won't be too stressed out.
You are correct about your ammonia levels and there is sure to be a nitrite spike as well.... Hopefully they will be fine while they wait in your main tank.

Good luck, Bill
Yeah, I'm sure there are nitrites in there. I just don't have a nitrite test kit.
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