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Tony´s 2.5 gallon (lots of text !!!)

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Hi everyone ! My name is Tony and I live in Sweden. Just got registered on this forum after watching some amazing pictures of your tanks here couple of weeks ago. You have to excuse me for my english, but I think you´ll understand the most of it :) Iám actually a "reeftank-guy" Been through 4 reeftanks and wanted to try somethink else, so I fell into the planted nanos.

Ok, enough history, let´s take a look at my almost 3 months old 2.5 gallon planted. The tank is a 2.5 gallon glass tank with wooden parts all made by myself. The lighting consists of one 20watt tubelight (2700k) and two 8watt T5´s (6400k). This gives me plenty of light and all plants are thriving and growing like crazy. I´ve had absolutely no algae, cyano or other sh*t so far, and the tank have almost being running for 3 months now :)

Iám using a 80mm computer fan running on 3 volts to keep the tank at room temperature. Gets it power from a 3-12 volt transformer. The filter is a small simple AquaEl, I put some bioballs in there for greater nitrification.

Iám also using pressurized CO2 with Aquatic Natures Professional CO2 kit.
It works really well and it´s good looking as well. There´s an adapter you can buy to use bottles up to 20kg instead of the 80g if you want :)
And to get a stable Ph I´ve got a IKS Ph-controller wich is connected to the solenoid valve. It was used but in excellent condition, and I got it quite cheap so i figured what the heck.

I change 20% of the water once a week and add pmdd, nitrivec and aqutan just after the change. I have to use RO-DI water from my reversed osmos in order to keep the Kh at the righ level. Also add EasyCarbo once a day.

Enough said, let´s get some pictures. Have in mind that this is my first planted so it isn´t that good looking as your nanos....yet, but Iám learning.
Theres a variety of plants, also a red onion snail, five Crystal Red shrimps and three Cherry Red shrimps. Planning on adding just a few more next time I visit my lfs. I´ve ordered some riccia wich I thought might show up today but it didn´t so you have to see the tank without it for the moment.

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Looks nice. I like the hood and stand. It is very nice looking and functional. Hope your tank continues to blossom.
wow, i really like your aquascape. Nice, simple, and clean but still diverse with different colors and textures of plants. I give you two thumps up ^^

any pictures of the shrimp?
Very nice start. I love the fact that you have ambulia(?) and rotala wallichi(?) as they are fine leaved plants. The larger leaved plants wil make the tank look smaller. But none the less a great start.
The substrate is ordinary sand. Wanted to have ADA Aquasoil Amazonia but no one is selling the aquasoil in Sweden cause it´s way to expensive for most people, especially those with large tanks. And i didn´t find a webshop where I could order from.
Thanks for all good coments !! :)

Went to my lfs today and bought five more Crystal Red shrimps.
When they where through aclimatisation and got put in the tank one of my old CR jumped ceveral to mate :) Got a pic of him on top of one of the new ones, it aldready carried eggs though.
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