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Update: This is what I have currently, bear with me this took a bit to compile. Bunches have 4-6 stems.

Shipping is $7.50 flat, let me know if it's really hot or really cold wherever you are and I'll be sure to insulate the package really well. Shipping to US only.

Water sprite $3/plant ~3-4 stems per plant
Wisteria (hygro difformis) $3/bunch (submersed form)
Hygro angustifolia $3/ bunch (submersed form, high potential for snails, will treat but keep an eye out)
Rotala magenta (rotala macranda v narrow leaf) $3 per bunch
Rotala indica (rotundifolia) $2.50 per bunch
Rotala wallichi $3/bunch
rotala nanjenshan $3/bunch
marimo ball $5 each ~golf ball size
Green cabomba $2.50 per bunch
Rotala nanjenshan $3 per bunch
Blyxa japonica $3/plant
Blyxa aubertii $3/plant
Ludwigia narrow leaf (l.palustris) $3 per bunch
Ludwigia ovalis $3 per bunch
Ludwigia cuba (emersed form) $3 per bunch
pogostemon stellatus broad leaf emersed form $3/bunch
Anubias hastifolia potted $5.50
Anubias barteri $5.50
Crypt parva potted $4.50
Crypt undulata potted $4.50
Crypt retrospiralis $2.50 per plant
Crypt balansae $2.50 per plant
Glossostigma potted $4.50
Dwarf pennywort potted $4.50
DHG potted $4.50
Microsword pots (lilaeopsis brasiliensis) $4.50
Dwarf baby tears (HC) pot $4.50
Riccia in 4oz cup $4.25
Crypt "Florida Sunset" pot $10
Moneywort $3/ bunch
bacopa australis $3/bunch

Dwarf lily $3 each
Red tiger lotus (few available) Sold


Potamogeton gayi
Myrio tuberculatum "red"
Ludwgia peruensis (glandulosa)
Diandra (blood stargrass)
$3/bunch for each of these stem plants.

Small amazon sword $2.50
Small ruffle sword $3
Red rubin sword potted $6
Red flame sword potted $6
Hygrophila corymbosa - 'kompakt' Potted $4.50
Dwarf 4leaf clover pot (marsilea crenata.) emersed form $4.50
Giant hairgrass pot (eleocharis montevidensis $4.50

Vals and sagittaria $1 each
Val nana
Italian leopard val (these look pretty much identical to regular v.spiralis with an extremely faint barring on a few leaves
Contortion val (the twist in these looks more like corkscrew, but marked as v.asiatica)

Sagittaria subulata- This is NOT dwarf sag, it looks like a val as it's a foot tall and should be treated as
a background plant.

Narrow leaf chainsword-e.tennelus 2 plants for $1

PM if you need pics or whatnot. Thanks!

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