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1 free T fluviatus stem for anyone who buys more than 20$ worth of plants (pre-ship cost)

Minimum order 10$
Will ship out Monday

Shipping will be at cost depending on size, will send priority flat rate.

Echinodorus tenellus, about 20-30 nodes, 25 cents per node or take all for $5 Some stems were shaded so they grew longer than usual.

Unknown? Have a bunch, 50 cents a stem, please combine with other orders.

HU $5 the whole bunch pictured x 2

Have some of this as well 50cents per stem limited quantity.

R. Singapore $2 what's pictured (2-3 multi branched stems) (SOLD)
Rotala wallichii 1 stem 50cents must combine (SOLD)
Tonina fluviatus 10 stems, $1.50 per stem SOLD


L aromatica 1 stem only $1 must combine SOLD

Heteranthera Zosterifolia $2 double branched stem SOLD

Rotala macandra $10 whole bunch pictured SOLD

Close up...

Blyxa japonica $1 per stem, most have at least 1-2 shoots. SOLD
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