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I agree with you now. I must have been there after a shipment. I went in 2 weeks ago and the plant selection was not very good. Some looked just bad. Fish population was ok but plants were a letdown.

Their prices for equipment are very high, so no purchases like that from there either.

I wound up heading to house of tropicals for some spare driftwood/ludwigia red. Prices were comparable but overall less at HoT.

I still think it is a good store for people that can't make it to HoT.

The puppy thing, well this was a mall store in a past life. So I guess they stuck with that. I would never buy a puppy, all of mine have been pound pups....well dogs!
Yeah I go to HoT probably too much for my own good. A while back they had a huge selection of some really fantastic driftwood. Mopani and spiderwood and some of them were really large pieces. Over all I like HoT, although they have a lot of BBA in their tanks.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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