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Discussion Starter · #1 · has 2 timers for $10. Features seems pretty fancy, and for $5 each it seems like a good deal for dosing. Pulled this from the site.

  • Uses Emerson’s patented SmartSet® auto time technology so it will automatically reset itself after any power interruption, and Daylight Saving Time adjustments are made automatically through the year 2099.
  • Allows you to program a lamp in your house to turn on and off automatically to create the impression that the house is occupied even when no one is at home.
  • Program up to 4 different ‘on’ and ‘off’ times within 24 hours.
  • Select from the following operation options: Every day, Monday thru Saturday, Weekdays only, Weekends Only, or any individual day.
  • Select random operation to vary the programmed ‘on’ and ‘off’ times by up to 75 minutes, rather than have the lights turn on and off at exactly the same time each day.
  • Includes a second ‘untimed’ AC outlet, not controlled by the timer. If you currently have two devices plugged into your AC outlet you do not ‘lose’ the use of one of the outlets when you connect this timer.
  • Button functions: time zone/random, program, time, month/date, mode, reset, and on/off
  • Requires one 3V lithium battery (CR2032), included
  • Dimensions: (H)3¾” x (W) 2.5” x (D) 2”
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