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To Trim or Not to Trim ... that is the question.

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To Trim or Not to Trim ...

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I'm back to setting up my 20G trimless tank. The first attachment is what it looked like before I discovered a chip in the tank and abandoned the project for a few months.

It's a Hagen trimless tank, but I applied a 4cm high black vinyl trim around the top (and a full black background) so that I can have the water about 4cm from the top and it doesn't look funny with the water line being so low, etc. ... or so I am assuming.

Now I've bought a new tank to replace the one with the chip and I'm wondering if I should apply the same trim around the top like the original.

So I guess it comes down to what looks better. A water line about 3 to 4cm from the top of the glass or a black vinyl trim 4cm high which hides the water line. Btw, with the visible water line, I am assuming that there might also be some calcium build up ... anyone with trimless tanks feel free to let me know how much of a problem calcium deposits are for you.

The second attachment is a photo of the chipped tank before I applied the trim.

So which ones looks better? Feel free to vote or just post your answer. Btw, I posted this in the aquascaping forum since I figure this is all about looks ... like aquascaping.



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Hey Harry, given the pics provided itz hard to make an
Accurate comparison. Got any pics that are shot front on for both layouts.
I like the rimless tanks. You pay more for them. Why not show them off. :D
I like the idea of outfitting a trimmmed tank with a CO2 spray bar around the front 2/3ds of it.
I never like the rimless for the excessive light spillage. Engineers need to design a better light canopy for rimless. They look cleaner except for the annoying lighting.
I like rimless tanks because there are no visible frame lines other than glass against glass.

Looking at your pictures, it seems like you added some kind of tape to hide the joining of the glass at each end, IMO, it looks like it has a rim.

I don't like the upper trim, but that is my personal opinion, I like "true" rimless tanks, and I have never noticed the "excessive light spillage." I think that rimless tanks like ADA are beautiful.

As far as calcium build up, you can clean the rim weekly to avoid the build up, it doesn't seem like a difficult chore to maintain the beauty of the tank.

Keep in mind that the tank you are building is for your enjoyment, go with what you like, not what others like. The opinions and ideas you get from feedback are there to help you improve your design, but in the end, it is you who is going to look at it every day, and if it isn't what you like, you will never be happy with it.

BTW, I like picture two, sans trim!

Good luck!

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I like the rimless tank look better, all though I like the idea of the border on your first picture, it's just a little different from everything else.
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