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To Snail or Not to Snail... That is the Question

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Have a new tank that is about a month old. Diatoms and some other algaes starting to arrive. I've added three Octocinclus and am wondering whether i should invest in some nerites. I've heard some people talk about the eggs begin laid all over the tank. Are the eggs unsightly? Is there a way to remove the eggs? Thanks!
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The Nerite eggs disappear on their own after a week or two, I have a lot of Olive Nerites and the eggs are not that bad. No one else really notices them even though I do.
Mine pretty much just drop eggs on the gravel, driftwood and each other, with one olive who seems to prefer crypt stems. Noticeable? Only if you're looking close. They don't bother me, but I can see where someone trying to create an impeccably aquascaped tank might go a little bonkers seeing them.

For their cleaning ability--I only scrape my walls for green dot algae once a month!--it's well worth the minor annoyance. If you're worried about eggs and don't particularly care to see much of your nerites--go for the olives. They stay smaller and spend most of their day tucked away. My zebras lay larger, brighter eggs and spend most of their day in plain sight-. I swear whenever I get out the camera to do tank shots there's guaranteed to be a zebra snail butt on the front glass.
I have a nice population of pond snails in my 5.5 and I haven't EVER had to clean the inside of my glass. I can't speak for nerties, but I really don't see their eggs ever. I don't even know where they lay them...
I got zebra nerite snails for my 46 gallon bowfront four years ago and I've never had to scrape the glass since. They lay eggs but I find as they get older they tend to lay less and less.
I pulled 1 Zebra Nerite that "egged" several larger Mopane pc of driftwood about two months ago. That Nerite obviously didn't get the email about it's eggs disappearing. It got banished to the Whiskey Barrel pond.

I keep 4-5 adult Ramshorns and MTS they do a fine job get what theAmanos & SAE don't get. I leave babes until they are Pea size then I relocate them to other tanks or feed them to the Loach. The babies get in very small spots adults can't
Having snails is fascinating and they keep my tanks very clean.

I like my apple snail a lot and bc I only have one, no apple snail eggs. He's a truck and eats a lot.

My ramshorn (thanks dogfish!) lays eggs almost daily, which are easy to see (clear amber egg case) and wipe away with a Q tip.

My friend who has multiple adult nerites actually had them breed. He's the only person I know of who has. Now he has 50 nerites. He lives in a tidewater area so the tap water is high salinity.
My opinion will always be one of higher biodiversity. If you are going more for an artistic feel ten skip them but otherwise I would do it.
Thanks for all the useful information. I think I will give them a try.
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