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Looking for some input on whether I should just use my tap water or use RO and remineralize.

Long story short, I'm setting up a 5 gallon Fluval Spec V in my office, but we're on well water with incredibly hard water (parameters from the tap below)

It's been a while since I've done freshwater and plants. I'm just getting back into it after keeping salt water for a while (so I still have my RO/DI unit and all that jazz. So I'm not concerned about equipment) BUT being an office tank - I'm not in everyday of the week so I want to keep it fairly low key, while still giving everything my best effort, and without cutting corners.

Here are the parameters of the water straight from the tap:

PH: 7.2 (ish)
Nitrite: 0ppm
Nitrate: 2-5ppm
GH: 143.2 (8 dKH)
KH: 340.1ppm (19 dKH)
just to make things a little more interesting, our tap water often has a very strong sulfur smell to it, not sure how that will effect things.

I appreciate any insight


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You could use 50% RO water. Your KH will be high if you do that. KH should be half of GH according to some people. I don't no why. I don't take that rule too seriously. Mixing half and half would leave you with the same ratio of GH and KH. Which is the reverse of what the ratio should be. Therefore, I would remineralize RO water if I were you. This is my recipe for remineralizing 5 gallons of RO water to 6 dGH and 3 dKH:

9/16 tsp Calcium Sulfate
3/16 tsp Calcium Chloride
1/4 tsp Magnesium Sulfate
1/4 tsp Potassium Bicarbonate
1/8 tsp Sodium Bicarbonate

Shake salts vigorously in bottle with RO water. Pour it into the rest of the RO water and use it in the tank. This is what I would do until you find a better way. My recipe changes with the wind. Be advised that Sodium Bicarbonate has, well, scarry Sodium in it. But adding more Potassium Bicarbonate pushes the Potassium a little too far I think.
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