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To Plant or not to plant

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I've got a question I have never really had to think about, Would it be bad to plant my plants too close together. I came upon this dilema when i thought about where my Java fern could go after the GSAS meeting. Realizing there was no ground room, I tied it to a log but the only way it will fit is if I move some swords around. Or would it be better just to start a new tank for it??? I have a twenty long with only some Acara juvie's but I'm hard pressed for cash, and it would need new soil and a heater.

Also on the same note should i Re-scape, i know its quite unorganized?


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Well I did end up re-scaping and jamming in some wood and Java Fern, I took out the bubble filter and i do like the look. I will post pictures and sort of a in process journal later.
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