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to much phosphate

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Is ten ppm to high of phosphate or is it good for a heavily planted tank?
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Most people keep around 1-2 ppm. 10 is pretty high.
Oh ok should i get some phos-zorb to mellow it out?
Just do several water changes to flush it out. You don't need to buy chemicals and pads.
Ok i did a ten gallon water change on my 55 gallon tank hopefully my phosphates go down.
I found EI dosing needed to be altered a lot to keep my phosphate in line. I was getting off the chart also. But I don't think 10 on a 55 will be likely to show much change. It took several major 50% changes to get mine coming down enough to read. Now I'm not dosing phosphate at all but assume it is getting there with food. I'm back down in the 1-2 range and seem somewhat better.
What are you using to test phosphates? You need a hannah checker to get true results, All the other test kits are a waste when it comes to phosphate testing because they only test for one type
Oh i use the api phosphate test kit. It reads above ten ppm. Ill do another water change tomorrow

Ok ill do another water change later on. Thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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