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To much light?

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Are two 24 watt GLO T5 HO's to much light for a 20 gallon high running on DIY CO2? I have a Hagen Ladder and this Red Sea Co2 system so thats about 2 liters total of DIY CO2. I just added another light because I felt that the just one 24 watt wouldnt be enought light. Should I raise the lights to the highest level? Or just go with one light. Is it possible to grow Gloss with DIY CO2? Any experts please advise.
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I think two lights are going to cause you a lot of trouble. I started with a single GLO unit and did alright with DIY co2. I also wanted more light so I bought a two bulb unit and have had trouble with algae ever since. Sadly my plant growth actually slowed down, but the algae sure was pearling.

I went back to the single unit and have it about 4" above the tank. I'm staying there until I go pressurized on that tank.
I have the same fixture over my 20g and it definitely requires good CO2 injection. I have pressurized so I am not sure how it would do with DIY.
I think glosso and HC both need good CO2 to grow very well. It isn't just light that helps them.
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