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To dirt, or not to dirt?

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So my 75g planted tank has been just thrown together with random plants stuck everywhere and no real aqua scape because I have been planning on doing a complete tank overhaul and have finally got everything I need except the time to do it. I was planning on doing this over a month ago now and time has just got away from me as it all ways does. Anyways I bought a bunch of Safe-T-Sorb (STS) that I have all sifted and rinsed ready to go to replace my aquarium gravel which has been my plan but now I cant decide to use just STS or go for some dirt capped with STS. This darn thing has been siting for so long my mind is going crazy with ideas. Any thoughts? Got my co2 up and running now with 300W+ of lighting, I have plenty of root tabs and ferts so what your guys' opinions.
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Not many can leave plant's alone in dirted tank's, and soil is unforgiving when uprooting moving plant's ,and filter material can get a little dirtier ,quicker, in soil based tank's.
Fishes that root around in the cap material can also uncover soil, so consideration's with stock must be thought out.
With that said,,I have three soil based tank's, and it seem's to me that plant's get better start with soil for root's to search out than inert substrates at least early on, but that is only my opinion.
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