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I have this posted on Rhode Island's Craigslist...

I have a 45 Gallon fishtank with ALL Accesories Included! Most everything is new! (I haven't set up the tank since I bought it & all the acc.) It comes with a Brand New Custom wood stand, Semi-new 36" - 96 Watt Current Sattelite Light fixture w/3 brand new bulbs (10,000k lamps & legs to prop it on top of the tank, Brand new Tetratech DW24-2 airpump, Brand new Hagen 802 Powerhead (used once to transfer water from one tank to another), Brand New Glass tops (already on the tank), Brand new Won Bros. Titanium Heater w/external control, Semi-new Fluval 404 canister Filter (with new filter pads), an under Gravel filter plate, Driftwood, Rocks, Live Plants if you want, etc... I'm sure I have a few more things for it. LOTS-O-MONEY INVESTED IN ALL OF THESE ITEMS! Just look them up & you'll see you won't be able to buy all the Quality Equipment I have here for less than what I'm selling this for. So, if you are looking to set up a Sweet tank with all top Quality parts. This is the tank for you! All new Parts are still in the boxes!

$350.00 or Best Offer!

I'm Not interested in Shipping this, that's why I'm looking for someone in New England, I can deliver it for an extra cost... I would rather sell all at once... But, if anyone (even out of New England) is interested, Shoot me a PM with an offer on individual acc. I will have to see what it would be to ship it to your area & we'll go from there!

Steve X.

This is a pic of what the stand looks like... (It's a pic of my 100 Gal. tank) Sorry, I don't have any pics of the actual tank for sale. But, I will take some when I borrow a Digi Camera this week.
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