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I came into the hobby through a different door than many who are plant keepers with fish as a side. In cichlid tanks there are so many more folks open to using the odd items that there is a world of difference in attitude. On this forum the prevailing thoughts are concern over even a few bits of this or that like metal. People may be keeping far more sensitive animals or just not really gotten into what can be done in or to a tank.

In the cichlid world it is not at all unusual to find tanks with almost any kind of debris. Some intend to make the tank "natural" by adding cans and bottles for trash. Others use an old bike frame while still others use things that remind them of their favorite hobby. One discussion I remember was how to keep a surfboard down in the tank.

The considered opinion on cichlid-forum seemed to be that it should be cleaned of oil, grease or wax but from there it is pretty open season. It's not like a titanium hip joint is going to be much worse than a metal impeller shaft or two. Just keep the water changed and I see no harm.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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