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Yah, I'm running into a funny problem now. Plants (specifically glosso) grow too well in my 5.5

Its gotten to the point where you can see glosso growing on-top of glosso, and in some places its even now wanting to grow upwards because its crowding itself out. I'm not really sure what the best way to trim it is, also not sure if it matters that there is a good amount of DHG belem mixed into this carpet as well.

While on the topic, I'm also wondering what the best way to trim stem plants is. I'm not sure if I should be cutting the tops and then letting sideshoots form, or if I should cut the top, remove the bottom, and just replant the top and nothing more. I guess ideally I should do the later, but that seems like a bad idea in a dirted tank with a massive carpet and a whole lot of stems.

Plant I'm talking about specifically is Rotala wallichi. I have more of it than I really know what to do with (I need to start selling some). I'm also somewhat in the same situation with Creeping Jennywort. What I've been doing with my wisteria though, is just cutting the tops and either replanting or tossing, since the stems have a ton of roots that I'd rather not deal with right now.

Only other stems I have I am trying to propegate, so I've been cutting them and keeping as much as I can of them.
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