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tips for planting HC?

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just bought 4 things of HC this evening and will be planting it tomorrow hopefully.

using amazonia.

any tips on how to break apart these pots of HC and plant it in the best manner?
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If its in a pot just take the pot off and cut it in half horizontally. The you just Peel the material off the hc. Break it up so that you have small pieces and plant them. Plant with almost no water and then flood the tank slowely. Unless you are growing hc emersed.
I just went through this last month.

I find it helps to soak the plants in a bucket for a few hours, then separate the individual plants while everything is submerged underwater. This helps keep the roots intact while removing it from the rockwool.
how big of a piece is considered a single plant?

the pot I bought is like 1-1.5" across
i like to seperate them in plugs that are about the size of a pencil erasor.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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