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Tips for keeping Elatine Triandra more compact?

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I have a carpet of elatine triandra in my 25 gallon tank. While it is very vigorous with its growth, it has recently been piling up on itself by about 2 inches. I have tried trimming it down and running my hands through it every week and bring up hand fulls but it seems to keep progressing towards a lower half full of roots and stems with pretty tops. Do I need to be more aggressive in trimming it? I'm wondering if I should pull it up and replant tops but I did not want to have to do that.

For reference I have regulated CO2 and dry dose EI according to the sticky. Over head is two T5HO with a daylight and a Giesemann Powerchrome Aquaflora inside sitting on my aquarium.

Thank you for reading!
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You have to trim elatine pretty aggressively and even doing that it piles up on top of itself after some time. When mine got to the point of growing on top of itself I would pull it up and replant the tops and a week or two later you couldn't even tell.
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