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Tiny white "swimmers" in my planted nano tank

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I've had a good amount of success with my three-gallon nano tank. I have a number of plants that seem to be doing well and a few snails that do a remarkable job cleaning algae off of the glass and plants.
Just recently, I noticed there are a number of minute white bug-like things swimming around the tank. There were only a handful and I thought they must have come from the piece of driftwood I had used to anchor a few of the plants.
Yesterday, I see at least six, clear "egg sacks" that are holding about four or five tiny white dots that I am assuming are these swimmers' eggs.
Anyone have any experience with these?
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A photo would be helpful, of the little swimmers and the eggs. Eggs may be snail eggs, but again, photo will help.
if they are quick swimmers that dart around they are probably scuds. but scuds to don't lay their eggs and leave them. i believe the mothers keep their eggs under them until they hatch.
detritus worms - they are harmless. MWebee - you didn't post planaria!
Picture of tiny white swimmers egg sacs

Not a great picture but it gives you an idea of what the egg sacs look like. They white things dart around the same way water bugs do but under water, not on top.


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Not the best pic but those egg sacks look like snail or limpet eggs. Neither of which move in the way you described in your original post. Are you sure these two things are related?
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