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Tiny white bug

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Hey all -

I just saw a teenie tiny white bug with legs in my aquarium. It's smaller than a granule of substrate (like 1/5 the size). My wife saw it before I did and it scurried under a piece of aquasoil. This tank is pretty al-natural, although it does have a (weak) filter on it, but no Co2 and low light. It has pond snails, a couple ramshorn, shrimp, planaria and now this? lol

What kind of water bug is it? I'm just curious whether it's harmful or not, or whether they infest like snails and planaria do.
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I had one of those also once, It most likely is some sort of fly midge or whatever u call it, baby dragonfly maybe too. I got mine from collecting river rocks from a stream, i ended up with about 6-10 baby dragonflies that looked like little scary looking ants.

Fish ate them though lol
if it's small as a size of a grain of salt, it's a shrimp like crustacean. it swims & crawls. Any small fish would love to eat it.
Is it round, Ryan? A friend gave me some fish and now my tank is literally crawling with copepods. They look like little flying saucers.
I heard once that dragonfly larvae can actually harm fish. They can get lodged in the gills or something.
yeah, it was round. I only saw it for a brief moment. Didn't even really get a good look, but that's what my wife said. I'll look again tonight and see if I can find it and/or see if there are more. No fish are in there, just CRS, RCS and a CBS...not sure if shrimp would eat those or not, as they don't bother the planaria unfortunately.
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