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tiny parasite plants? or java fernlets?

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maybe i'm remarkably ignorant, and don't understand how java fern propagates, but what are these? i found them growing on the backs of my java fern, sometimes strangling the leaves with their "roots" or whatever they are, so i've plucked most of them off, without much difficulty. they started as root-things and then developed leaves.

(sorry for the crap photo quality, shaky hands + bad ipod camera = really not great)
if they're not java fern, what are they? they only grow on my java ferns...
and if they ARE java fern, what do i do with them? do i let them grow on the ferns, or do i pluck them off and plant them?

thanks in advance, and sorry for the probably stupid question...
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You can let them sit there, roots will form and they will be ready to pull off. I have some needle fern that just keeps splitting like that. Some rhizomes fully develop off splits,Weirdness! If its doing that then you've got great parameters in your tank. Keep it up!

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