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Hi, long time lurker, first post.

I have a very cute tiny rimless 7 liter (approx. 1.8 gallons) nano tank that I want to plant and keep as low tech as possible at the same time. If I can get it down to no-tech - even better.

For substrate I plan to use a layer of generic potting soil capped with leftover aquarium gravel. The tank will have no heater, lighting will be provided by a 20W halogen desk lamp (will this be enough?). I prefer to have no filter as the tank will be on my desk and the less clutter in and around the tank, the better.

From my two other tanks I could steal various stems, pygmy chain swords, some hygrophila and vallisneria (although these may get too large) and a few floaters. Also have a pot of dwarf hairgrass I want to try and grow as a carpet.

I also plan to try the dry start method for this one.

What do you think, can I get away with having such a tiny planted tank without a filter (or any other kind of water movement) and a halogen light? Any other suggestions?
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