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Tino D'Voe's 25g progress pics

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Here's my latest tank, the thing's been a jungle for the past few months. I've finally got around to cleaning everything up and adding proper amounts of plant food!

Right now I'm battling thread algae, hopefully I'll have it under control in a week or two. I'm running pressurized CO2 with a rio reactor, 2x55w PC bulbs @6500K, PMDD daily but right now I'm only adding KSO4 and KNO3, flourish excell @ 3x dose to see if it will do anything to the algae problem. I set the tank up back in September, I had HORRIFIC problems with the Eco-complete for almost 4 months where it would stabilize itself at up to 12 degrees kH! The tap water is soft here, pretty much 0 degrees. I was so frustrated with the EC that I almost started over again and went with flourite but I left it and now it seems stay at 4 degrees on its own.

I'm probably going to add some red-leaf plants soon to give the tank some color contrast. Let me know what you think, I don't want to start slacking on the tank maintenance again, every time I lose interest it takes forever to get the thing looking good again! In fact, I usually have to start over since it never gets back to where I want it for whatever reason.

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Tank looks pretty cool Tino. If you have been slacking on the maintenance, then the plants don't seem to mind too much!! Do you have the Co2 running 24/7 or is it on a timer? Hope the algae problem sorts itself out soon.:icon_mrgr
Thanks for the compliment. I used to have the CO2 running 24/7 fearing that I might have too much of a pH change. I ended up doing some serious harm to a SAE when I did a water change right before the lights went out. I woke up to find all the smaller fish ok but the 3 larger SAE's that I used to have were gasping for air at the surface, one of them was almost dead but still breathing. When I got home from work 2 were swimming around like nothing happened, one had gone completely white from the dorsal fin to almost the tail.

I think what happened was the extra CO2 in the tap water was way too much once the lights went out. None of the smaller fish were affected because of their mass/o2 requirements but the larger SAE's were in trouble. The tissue looked like it had been completely killed off by the o2 loss and it was struggling to swim around. I gave the poor SAE a vodka dip that put an end to that. Since then I've been running the CO2 reactor on the same timer as the light. So far, the pH has barely changed throughout the night so it by far is a safer way to go if you're using a pressurized system. I traded in the larger SAE's for 4 young ones that you can see in the tank.
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In not too many words: I like it. :)
I agree with Steven: great looking. The rotala bunch on the left could use some discipline, however... looks like it's growing every which-way.
I love this tank, it looks a lot like what I'm trying to go for. I also use eco-complete but here the water is naturally 13 dKH.
I like the tank, and the "zoomed-out" shot especially.

Got a plant list? I'm mainly wondering about the thin, grassy plant in mid-ground.
I think that plant on the left is mayaca fluviatilis. I have some in my tank and, yes, it grows wherever it wants :p
Nice stargrass group in the center. What are the brownish grassy strands in the middle area? Or, is that algae and/or dying plant matter?
Very nice, green tank. I like it! Good luck with kicking the thread algae.

I agree with Steven: great looking. The rotala bunch on the left could use some discipline, however... looks like it's growing every which-way.
one week later...

here's the progress after one week. As you can see the algae has died off quite nicely :smile: Now I have to cut some back before the glosso starts losing too much light.

I'll post some more in a week or two.

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i love how the stargrass grows on your tank, Nice job, i love the scape

Whats the tank dimension?
thats very nice and lush. i like it
Tony...this tank is beautiful. I like the composition and the greens are lush. Nice to look at.
That is just so pretty!

You should be quite proud!

Whats the tank dimension?
I'm glad you all like it! The dimensions on this are 30x12x18 inches or something close to that.
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