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Timimg Co2

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I have a solenoid on my regulator and have been timing my Co2 for the same 9 hours I have my lights on. I figure dose the Co2 while the lights are on and the plants are going to absorb it. Anyone see any problems with this amount of time? Pushing about 3-4 bps.
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Most do 30 mins to 1 hour before lights on and off. Good CO2 concentration will already be in water column when the light kicks in.
Precisely the reason I posted this question... Thank you very much for your comment =)
I do it like you describe, connected to the lights. Why not 30 min before and after?

When the lights kick on, plants don't IMMEDIATELY start to photosynthesize. It's a process that starts slowly. I think. Plus, over night plants actually emit CO2 due to respiration. Depending on other things like surface agitation etc there might be a bit of an accumulation during the nighttime, something to feed on for your plants when they wake up and CO2 injection is just starting to kick in.

Just a different opinion... I know some think algae hell breaks lose if the CO2 level isn't up to max when lights kick in... just depends on your particular tank and circumstances.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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