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Hello 4 weeks ago I started my 5 gallon planted tank. I started the tank with plants in it from day one
Plant list:
Crypt parva
Water sprite
Dwarf water lettuce
Pogostemon stellatus octopus
Crypt lucens

I am using hob filter
I have a heater that holds the tank at 76 degrees
And a stingray finnex light

after two weeks my water parameters have been stable at

Ph 7.2
Ammonia .25 ppm (it seems other people using api master test will get this reading always
Nitrite 0 ppm
Nitrate 5 ppm
Gh 150
Kh 80

after two weeks I added a nerite snail who is happily cruising around cleaning my glass. I also have some rams horn baby snails who came with my plants I have left in the tank.

I was planning on getting 6-8 least rasboras, 10 cherry shrimp, and two Amano shrimp. My original plan was to get the fish in this week then after a week or two bring in the shrimp. But I am getting tired of seeing all the diatoms and algae in the tank. Would it be a bad idea to start with the shrimp?
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