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I recently snapped some new pics of a vivarium I've been working on. Though you guys might like to take a look at my attempt at a "Nature Style" vivarium. I designed it for D. tinctorius "Bakhuis" or D. leucomelas never got around to getting any tho...

Build run down:

Exo Terra Medium/X-Tall - 60x45x90 cm / 24”x18”x36” (WxDxH), glass canopy w/1.5" screened vent.

1x 80mm fan, 5x Mistking nozzles.

14x XP-G/XP-G2 Cree LEDs DIY dimmable solderless kit from rapidled. 6 Cool(6000k) 4 Neutral(4400k) and 4 Warm(3000k) whites w/ 40degree(front), 80degree(middle and back) lenses. Driven around 50%.

Hygrolon on the background. Peat, coco husk, sphagnum, sand, lava rocks, magnolia leaves on the bottom.

Removable background - expandable foam on egg crates and wires, cork bark, and rocks from a local rock yard.

Silver Springtails, Dwarf Purple Isopods

Flora: (11/15*)

Neoregelia inca x fireball

Hymenasplenium obscurum
Microgramma sp.
Fern sp.

Ficus pumila var. quercifolia
Marcgravia rectifolia
Peperomia sp. Isla Colon

Philodendron verrucosum
Syngonium erythrophyllum

Dracula lotax
Pleurothallis allenii
Stelis barbata

Utricularia asplundii
Utricularia jamesoniana
Utricularia quelchii

Taxiphyllum sp. "peacock"
Vesicularia sp. "mini Xmas"
Sphagnum sp.


As of Nov 2015

Some additional pics and background info can be read at dendroboard "Time" - 60x45x90cm - Dendroboard

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Thanks! It is still a work in progress... Need the Philodendron and they Syngonium to fill in. I'm also looking for some Plagiochila integerrima (Cameroon moss, Plagiochilaceae sp. "Cameroon") to experiment with in this tank. If anyone happen to have some to spare let me know!

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@thedudeabides - Thanks! It is pretty difficult not to go overboard, lots of plants to select from. It was something I really tried to limit. I tried to keep it around 10 different species. Luckily the Utrics and the mini orchids don't make a huge impact on the overall look.
@AquaAurora - Reason I haven't gotten frogs yet, is that I don't have enough time at the moment to take on more pets... =/ Some day perhaps.
@houseofcards - I will see if I can get a good pic perhaps this weekend. I rearranged some things right after I took that most recent pic... So things are not as nice looking atm.
@bsantucci - The Mistking is worth it. I haven't had any major issues with it yet... The only thing is that the nozzle plastic is pretty soft so it is a bit difficult to unscrew them to clean them. Got any pics of your tank?
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