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Tiger Shrimps

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My tank has almost finished its cycle and I've been looking at what shrimps and snails to order. I want Tiger Shrimps but would they suit my Ph of >7.6?

I'd also like some Cherry Shrimps as they seem so easy to keep, is it OK to order both at the same time? Only about 5 of each to begin with, oh and my tank is 25 litres.
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Yes that would be fine for tigers and cherries. If you could bring the ph down to around 7.2 that would even be better for the tigers as they would have a easier time molting.
i have some tigers at a higher ph and hard water and they are doing fine. getting them from someone who already has them in similar water would help a lot.
I breed Super Tigers in PH 7.6 with no problem at all...even my OEBT's
(now up over 100+) live in PH 7.6. I keep my tigers with yellows and blue pearls, either one will be fine with them, even cherries.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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