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tiger shrimp dying

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I have noticed that the 10 tigers I got a while ago have slowly all been dying. I just found one today that looked pink, I touched him with a pipette I use for ferts and he wasn't dead, but he was nearly immobile. His legs and antennae were not moving, but he could still use his swimlets so he kind of bounced around and hid. Is this a common symptom of a certain water problem? or is this not typical of anything in particular? :(
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What is your tank temp? I found that keeping my tiger at 71 was ideal.
the tank is at 74.7 degrees, is this too high for shrimp? I have also noticed my cherries stopped getting berried...maybe I need a chiller!

When trying to get your tank in check try to do it gradual than making a large change. Sometimes drastic changes can cause serious havoc in shrimp tank further complicating cure.

My recommendation is lowering your tank temp to 71 and performing 15-20% water changes 2-3 times a week. Frequent smaller water changes induces breeding in shrimp tanks.
Tigers like it cold, summer time mine get more sluggish and breed less often then in the winter when the tank temp drops by 2-3 degrees. My tigers breed most proficiently when the temp is 21 degrees celsius. Cherries on the other hand are bullet proof, even when thrown into a discus tank for live food, some of them managed to breed and breed well in 80 degree water.
hmm, unfortunately I have no control over the furnace in my house, I may jsut have to block the vents near the tank, and if that doesn't help get a chiller...
a small fan blowing across the waters surface can drop the temp a few degrees, You'll be adding more water due to the added evaporation. I do this in the summer for all my CRS tanks.
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