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Tiger lotus

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After doing my weekly water change this weekend I decided to move one of my tiger lotus as it was starting to drown out some other plants. Now the plant that I moved is loosing leaves(Larger ones at the top) and a couple of the lower leaves have a deep dark purple spot with a small hole starting to develope. My other two lotus are fine. When I pulled out the plant I left about 6 inches of healthy roots and removed the remaining root structure from the tank(what a pain in the rear end). I know next time to put them exactly where I want them but I'm still new to planted takes so I score that as a lesson learned. My question is the loss of leaves and the holes due to shock from transplant or is it something else? The tank gets 6drops about 1ml of florin axis carbon daily. 5 ml of florin axis nitrogen and 5ml flourish comprehensive every other day with weekly water changes about 15%. Lights are on 12 on12 off schedule. Current wpg is just slightly under 1. Will be changing that in near future. This is what the water parameters are
Nitrate 10. Nitrite 0 GH 75-100 KH 130 PH 7 temp stays around 78.
Any thoughts or input would be great.
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The plant should adjust to its new location. give it a couple of weeks and the roots will take hold and start growing new leaves.
Yep, the holes and leaf loss is a result of your moving the plant. Happened to my lotus the several times I've moved it. Their root system is pretty sensitive, so if you end up squishing the roots into the substrate, the plant will react. And it's hard not to because it likes to float.

I've found it's one of the hardest plants to replant once it's been situated. You could trim the roots to a more manageable length, but then it won't stay down. If you leave the roots long, you won't be able to keep them in the substrate. And the more you fiddle with it, the more leaves you'll lose because of the shock. It's beautiful once it stays down and you give it a few weeks though.
It's going through transplant shock, but it should be fine. When you cut off it's roots, it can no longer feed itself as it did before. So now it can't support the leaves that it had before.

The best thing to do is to remove all but the newest 2-4 leaves. That way the plant won't be trying to spread its energy to all the leaves and will concentrate the energy it does have on the remaining leaves. As the root system redevelops, it will grow new leaves. Before long, it'll be spitting out leaves like crazy again.
I concur on removing the leaves. I attempted to rid of my lotus once. But I ended getting rid of all the leaves. I figured I had uprooted the plant and I had gotten rid of it. Little did I know that the original bulb was still in the substrate and after about 2-3 months, the tiger emerged again. It's now in a low tech tank without co2 and it spouts 1-2 new leaves per week.
Another way to help jump start it to is root tab placed under or near the roots. It is a heavy root feeder. Ive found when doing this with my transplants from tank to tank I dont get any issues or leaf loss.
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