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Tiger Lotus Question

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I have had 2 bulbs a few years now and the person that got them for me called them arrowheads. They have been in my tank for years and I now have a need to move them because they are dead center in my tank and take up a lot of room.

When I move them I found the 2 bulbs are now 20, and I have questions about the plants that came out of these bulbs. If the plant is removed from the bulb, does it still go on living? The bulbs I have are marble sized, and the originals are near golfball size, is there anythign special I should know about replanting them?

Do I remove all the plants and just replant the bulbs now?

Here is a pic of them in my 125
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I bought a lotus once that had a nice big bulb, with roots and leaves growing out of the top. When I was replanting it once, the top part (roots and stems) broke cleanly off the bulb. I tried replanting the bulb and the top seperately. At first the top sent out a few new leaves and I thought it would live, but then it stopped growing and I eventually threw it out. Maybe it would have started up again if I'd given it a chance, but I thought it was broken. Meanwhile, the bulb didn't do anything, and so I thought it too was dead until about eight months later, I discover some lotus leaves coming up in the area of the forgotten bulb.
I know this is an old thread but I wanted to say that I still have all those bulbs and they still shoot out lotus all the time. Replanting the plant itself after removing it from the bulb works fine. I also have so many bulbs now that it does not matter if some of them go into a hibernation state, there are always lotus in my tank.

One thing that I have learn about lotus is I need to watch for the feeler shoot they send up looking for the waters surface. If you allow this to happen, it looks pretty cool at first, but allowing this is like letting out a pack of tigers! Suddenly that bulb will send out a bunch of water surface shoots and they will block all the light to that side of the tank. I personally remove those shoots and cut the underwater shoots low since this plant is very trainable. It is also very easy to spot the water surface shoots because they are noticeably thicker.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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