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So, when I revamped my tank a few weeks ago, I got a new tiger lotus to add to my old one. My old tiger had been small all along and I suspected it's due to my water perimeter, but since it still grew well in its miniature form, I didn't do anything.

That's until I see my new tiger grow fantastically. I can't think of any reason for their different growth scales. Do they happen to be two different species?

Also, some leaves of the new tiger are sprouting have what I think are little leaves and roots. Is that possible for baby lotus to develop on top of older leaves? I know tiger lotus reproduces by rhizome and seeds after flowering. Mine has not even flowered once, not since I got it anyway.

FYI, I use only JBL 7 Kugeln balls for my tigers. Here is the product

Anw, one leaf with a baby just got detached from its stem today with no sign of rotting at all.. I imagine it's the tiger's mechanism to let its baby grow elsewhere. Part of its plan to conquer the world. :hihi::hihi::hihi::hihi::hihi:
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