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Tiger Barbs

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I usually do my research before getting fish, but one time I saw green tiger barbs in the store and they looked so cool I got 6 of them for my 55 gallon community tank. Well, within a few weeks, all but one disappeared. A few months later, I got 6 more. The same thing happened. Then a few months later, I got 6 more- this time both green ones and striped ones. And then I happened to read that tiger barbs will kill each other, and possibly other fish, if they're in groups of 6 or less. So I went out and bought 6 more so now I have 12. What kind of other fish can I have with them? Right now I have giant danios (which are on the small side for being called "giant"), black mollies, dalmatian mollies, and a serpae tetra (I know they should be in groups, but I don't like the serpae tetra because they're fin nippers and harassers of new fish. So as they're dying off I'm not getting anymore). I also have two nerite snails and three amano shrimp.
I do find dead fish occasionally and I haven't figured out why. The water parameters are good, but I have really high pH. Are my other fish okay to have with the tiger barbs? What other kinds of fish could I get if I want another school?

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Most barbs are pretty aggressive. Tigers are best kept with tigers, but there are multiple types: Regular, mossy/green, albino, and Glofish barbs. And no, the Glofish aren't dyed/injected, they were genetically modified to have those colors. Not quite my taste in fish, but they are kinda cool, and they definitely add color.
You can also add more danios and just have a "hyperactive little butts" tank.
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