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Keeping Tiger Barbs

Hello Orange...

I researched Barbs and Danios and went with the Danios. These fish are best kept by themselves in a species tank. Second choice, Danios might be the only fish to keep successfully with Barbs, because they're nervous swimmers, constantly on the move. Both can be aggressive around smaller, weaker or old fish that aren't as active. I've kept Danios for awhile and had to remove the Guppies I had in with the Danios. The Guppies started to disappear. The Danios now have their own tank.

You hit on the reason for losing them. Barbs are always fighting each other to establish dominance. The strong ones likely killed and ate the others. Not a very peaceful fish for a community tank.

Fortunately, you have them in a large tank. I'd suggest planting the surface well, so there's ample hiding places for the small fish to escape the Barbs. Hornwort is a fast growing surface plant that needs no planting. Just drop individual stems into the water.

Good luck.

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