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Tiger Barbs' odd behavior after an earthquake

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A magnitude 5.2 earthquake happened while I was on my way home last night. And I arrived home to this - Tiger Barbs "hovering" together, mid tank, facing the same direction. As you all know, or for those not familiar, Barbs are very active schooling fish, non-stop moving around the tank, looking for food, bullying each other (or other fish), only stopping at the bottom or among the aquatic plants when the lights are off. But last night, all lamps were on, and all 9 of them were hovering with very minimal movements, close together, all facing North (the earthquake epicenter was South from my place). They maintained this position for up to 3 hours after the earthquake. Was it the earthquake? Did they eat something bad? Bad water parameters? a newly rehearsed welcome ritual for my arrival from work? or is this a normal behavior that they do from time to time? It was my first time seeing them this way.

I hope I arrived home earlier to see what their behavior was BEFORE the earthquake, I might have living indicators in my home, who knows? Or there is also big chance that all these things were coincidental and doesn't mean anything. :grin2:

How about you guys? Have you seen odd behaviors from your Fish before or after an earthquake?
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Do you maybe have a compass, to check what direction they are facing?
your phone might have one, or you can download an app if your phone has a compass feature built in (they skimp on it on many phones these days).
Many animals are sensitive to magnetic north, maybe it is some response to magnetic activity after earthquake... As you said it could all be a coincidence. Maybe phone the people at HAARP and ask them to send another your way to test.

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I'd be interested how they lined up compared to the epicenter / fault line when that gets determined.
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