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Hello everyone 馃憢 I am hoping there are some fellow Tiger Barb keepers here with experience of keeping them with other fish. I have a planted 29 gallon / 110 litre established planted tank that is currently home to 11 Tiger Barbs. They are an active bunch - like a rugby team after a few beers.

I love my planted tank. It has been a mental health project for me since my Dad was taken terminally ill some 16 months ago and has kept me going through difficult times.

Here's the thing, I would like my wife to love it too. She always tells me it needs more colour swimming around in it so I am currently researching some colourful tank mates for the barbs.

I have narrowed it down (but am willing to be persuaded otherwise) to neon tetras or cherry barbs. A stocking level calculator tells me I am currently running at about 77 percent of max stocking levels and I have about 48cm of fish length to play with. So maybe 15 neons or 6 cherry barbs.

My question is, does anyone have experience of tiger barbs with either of these species? Do they get along in your aquariums? I know it will be down to the individuals I have but I figured it was worth trying to be as well informed as possible.

The tank is well established, running an Oase Biomaster 350. 50% water change per week religiously. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites 10-20 ppm nitrates. CO2 injection 2 bubbles per second, pH 7.6. Medium hardness. Theres plenty of plant cover in the back (amazon sword forest), driftwood and sand. Lots of space up front for open swimming. Fluval Plant 3.0 running 9hrs per day at 35%.

Any help or advice to get would be really greatly received.

Thanks in advance,


Who knows, if I can get her to love this tank, maybe I'll be permitted a fourth!

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I've kept neons with tiger barbs and there hasn't been that much aggression between the two species. Although neons aren't exactly the most aggressive at feeding times, so you'll need to watch to make sure they get their food.

Have you considered looking into other tiger barb morphs? Such as albinos or "mossy" barbs (I can't remember the name but they look greenish and covered in black scales to look like moss)?

And as much as I dislike saying this, what are your thoughts on keeping glofish tiger barbs.

Finally, I'm not sure how I feel about that stocking calculator. 11 barbs is a lot of fish. At that point, I'd either just add onto the barb school, or consider species that occupy other parts of the water column (such as panda corydoras: smaller than bronzes, and larger than the dwarves).
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