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Had a thrift itch that I decided to scratch at a V(eterans) E(mpowerment) O(rganization) thrift store. I was blown away, there had to be 10+ HOB filters, most new in box, all different brands. There was a industrial air pump with 12 valve attachment, an unusual gravel vac by Cobalt, an Ehiem canister filter, a few internal filters, even a UV sterilizer . I usually only find the occasional stand or somebody's 10 gal that's almost always cracked.

All this

for $11 with tax. Now I need to gather up some seldom worn clothes and coats, and drop them off. Keep that 'thrift store karma' good. ;)
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I pretty much only shop at thrift stores. Why pay full price when you can go there and sometimes find things with the tags still on it for $5.00 instead of $50.00.

I have scored some pretty sweet things too. Filters, lights, heaters, a $300 camera tripod for $20, a 200mm macro lens for $25, unicycle for $15. Complete suit that looks tailored made for me for three dollars, ~$400 pair of skis with brand new $300 boots - $40.

You just have to look everywhere and go to the odd parts of the store.


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Nice I recently picked up two 20 longs and a 10G in decent shape, all hold water, just needed a simple cleaning for a total of $10 not long ago! They still had few more 10s and 3-5 other 20s! I probably could've picked them all up for $25 or less! Gotta love thrift stores!
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