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Thready Fissidens?

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Ignore the micro bubbles. I think my return pump is doing it somehow. I need to figure that out before I add CO2.

Anyway, my fissidens started sending out those threads. There don't seem to be any new growing tips (my java moss is covered in bright green growing tips and has really taken off). I expected fissidens to be a slow starter, but I wasn't expecting these threads. Is it trying to reproduce? Something else?
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That's not the fissidens, it's algae

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Crap, seriously? It's nowhere else in my tank...

Bump: OK, looked it up. Thread algae. I've never seen it in person before.

Off to the store to buy some 99c toothbrushes...
Fissidens is really prone to algae. It's a beautiful moss but needs to be very clean. You can still save it. Remove as much algae as you can and give it a trim
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Just to close this thread out. The fissidens didn't survive. No idea why. Java moss growing like a weed, have to keep cutting it back. But with the death of the fissidens came the death of the thread algae. Bizarre. But whatever, it's done.
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