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First the backstory...

Hi, I got 3 (to start with) Threadfin Rainbows. I got them home, tested the water in their bag and realized they had been in liquid rock !!!

I was concerned because my tank parameters were so much different.

Rather than try to acclimate them in one hour or even one day, my fellow club member helped me set up an emergency QT tank. We used Epsom Salts, Baking Soda and a tiny bit of Sea Salt. We got the TDS up to about halfway between the store water and my water.

My plan is to very gradually over a week or two start bringing their tank parameters inline with mine. I threw plants in with them to give them security. The have a Scarlet Badis in there from the same store.

So...just how sensitive are these fish ? Am I being overly cautious?

I've read conflicting reports on ideal water parameters. One site said very Hard water, two others said Soft, Neutral to Acidic ???

I plan to add the Rainbows as well as the S Badis to my 10g Shrimp jungle. I know the Badis will snack on Cherry shrimplets, but I probably have over 100 and his future tank is cycling.

Plant Botany Terrestrial plant Organism Water

Any other good info ? I've been surfing the net all night. I researched these already, but the HUGE difference in water chemistry has me worried. I would hate to lose them.

FYI mine are juvies, maybe 1" ? Possibly 2 males and one female.
The Dario Dario (Scarlet Badis) is still young also maybe 1/2" ??

Thank you for any help or experiences you can share. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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