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Thoughts, Questions, 29g planted, low tech, Finnex Led

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This is our first planted system. I am looking for thoughts and ideas/constructive criticism. Tank has been running for only a few days.

Setup: 29g standard

Light: Finnex planted plus 30", 7 hour photoperiod
Eheim 2215 canister running stock media, no carbon pad
150w Hydra heater
Substrate: Activ-Flora

Currently started Flourish Excel


1. I am thinking of purchasing dry ferts for either the EI or PPS-Pro system. What is the difference between these? Is this too early to start dosing? I would probably do half the recommended dose since I am not running CO2.

2. Do I need to add more flow, or is the Eheim 2215 sufficient? Is the intake pipe for the filter ok where it is, or should it be on opposite side of the spray bar?

3. Feel free to make comments on aquascape and plants, but except for the taller plants in the background, some are just in there in hopes they can starting rooting some to be placed later. Feel free though to share.

4. Fish will come soon, and will be mostly tetras and smaller fish.

THanks, here's the picture.

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This tank is just a few days old, so the plants haven't been able to grow or die yet.

I just wanted to ask some questions and get some thoughts from experienced people regarding the Fertilizers and such.

Regarding the plants, I don't know what most of them are. I know there is a Hygro, anubias I planted in the right piece of driftwood, some Taiwan moss, and Im not sure of the others.

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You should start a dosing regime once you have any live plants in your tank, the reason is because you never want your live plants to go a while without any nutrients. I start dosing my tank the second I add a plant into the tank....

Left message on your other post about the differences between PPS and EI.

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I like it! I

How is the Planted plus working out for you with the depth of that tank? I was debating Finnex for my 29 but decided on a couple t5ho fixtures.

Can't wait to see more.
It seems to be working nicely....but I'll be able to offer more once my Ferts. come in to see potential growth.

I am new to LEDs, so I hope they don't let me down.
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