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Thoughts please!?

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I have had this tank running for a while, it was neglected for several months and then I moved. I tore it all the way down, moved as much water as I could, completed replanted. Just got some more plants this week too! Nature Vegetation Organism Green Aquatic plant

The pic is a little cloudy from plantin done today. This pic was taken with only half the light on, as my plants are in dire need of fertilizers which should arrive tomorrow!

I am getting the tank ready for some German Blue Rams. Some of the swords need to fill in!

So thoughts? Ideas? Do I have it aquascaped fairly well for GBR's?

I have read this section for more then a year and a half and this is the first time I've submitted my tank for inspection!
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You can see the original layout before lots of plants in my tank journal which I started yesterday.
80 views and no one has an opinion? No thoughts? Suggestions? "pull it all out and start over?" haha... I'm very open to negative, positive, indifferent, I like this section but not that! Thank you in advance for your thoughts! ;)
Your tank looks just fine for some German blue rams buddy

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I like it. Informal, several plants without looking like "one of these and one of those, and one of something else". Nice end of wood showing!

GBR breed on flat rocks that are lying on the substrate. I would add those, just for the fish. If you have several pairs then spread out the rocks so that each pair can be as far away from the others as possible, and hidden, if possible. That might mean moving the plants around.
For 3 pair, for example, I would keep the ends of the tank open, and put a rock for each pair there, then some plants to screen off a 3rd area in the middle/front of the tank.
Thanks Diana! The DW is actually a pretty large piece, I've slowly been attaching every baby java fern I get from the ferns in the tank onto the DW for more then a year! I am excited that it is looking fairly well covered now.

I am planning on two pairs of GBR. I have a few secluded spots back in the plants on either end of the tank I will probably work a nice smooth rock into. I tried to plan out where I could slide a rock into a hidden area, or an area that will be hidden once the plants fill in. I've got two different types on swords that are both still pretty small, as far a swords go... lol.
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